The Patten Lumbermen’s Museum invites you to visit our facility to learn all about Maine logging history, including the use of bateaux on waterways to transport supplies, the stories of the fearless river drivers, what life was like inside a remote logging camp, and even the role of bean hole beans. Follow the links above for more information, and make sure to visit the museum in person for the full lumbering experience!

Please note that our 2021 schedule will be dependent on any state mandates related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our summer schedule is as follows:

July – October : Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Open: Labor Day and Columbus Day
Closed all other Mond

$10 (ages 12 – 65)
$8 (ages 65+)
$5 (ages 4 – 12)
Free (Children under 4)

Loss of revenue due to the cancellation of several of our fund raising events in 2020 has an impact on our finances but we feel the value of your health is of the utmost importance. With the promise of brighter days ahead, we will look forward to next year when we will be able to be assured of a safer environment to resume our role of welcoming you to visit the Patten Lumbermen’s Museum and of your support of our mission through the Fiddler’s and Fiddlehead Festival in May and the Bean Hole Bean Dinner in August of 2021.

Opening the Patten Lumbermen’s Museum

Patten Lumbermen’s Museum will follow CDC guidelines for the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus

Face coverings will be required. This applies to both staff and visitors.

Please sanitize your hands when entering the Museum. A sanitation station will be provided.

Please refrain from touching exhibits.

As the Museum Reception center is approximately 2800 square feet, recommendations vary but most allow 3-5 visitors per 1000 sq. feet to total an average of an 8 person limit with social distancing between groups or family units allowing accommodations for one Museum staff and one for Contact Station staff.

A “family” shall consist of 2 adults and 2 children-no larger. A “group” should consist of 4 adults maximum, 4 to visit the Museum desk and 4 to visit the National Monument desk in the Reception Center at one time. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

There may be a group (4) at the Monument station while there may be a family (4) to visit the Museum-8 total in the reception center at one time with at least 6 feet apart from each family/group. Others must wait until the equal number of visitors exit through the back door. Visitors at the monument contact station shall also exit through the rear door.

Staff is required to register visitors.

The restroom will be sanitized frequently

Hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol), should be prominently place at entrances and exits. The front entrance door will be unlocked for visitors to enter, back door locked allowing visitors in the center to exit only. Entrance will be front door only. Staff will disinfect entrance and exit door handles, cash register, credit card machine, counters and any other items handled by staff of visitors between each group of visitors. Spray disinfectants will be used on all soft surfaces.